FIRST Tech Challenge workshops
These workshops are intended for FTC teams and focus on various areas of building and programming FTC robots. FRC team members are welcome to register too. Workshops run at 4:30pm on Thursdays and will be posted on YouTube afterwards. Please register for the workshop to receive a link to the live event.

Workshops from FREIGHT-FRENZY
Links to slides, videos or other materials.

  • Kick-off Sept. 18, 2021
    Strategy Workshop, Victoria Slides
    Tips from Forces Unknown, Vancouver Slides

Workshops from Ultimate Goal 2020-21
Links to any slides or videos or other materials from past workshops.

  • Looking Beyond the Kit of Parts Thursday Oct. 29 2020
    Video (YouTube) Slides (PDF)
    Some teams have found great parts for their robots in unusual local stores. Learn about some ideas used in past robots.
  • Game Rules Thursday Nov. 5 2020 4:30-5:30pm
    Video (YouTube) Slides (PDF)
    Play Kahoots with FIX IT and talk about game rules with the BC Head Referee.
  • Preparing for Remote Events Thursday Nov. 12, 2020 4:30-4:30pm
    Video (YouTube) Slides (PDF)
    How can my team get ready for a Remote Event?
  • Spring Events Saturday March 6, 2021 2:00-4:00pm
    Slides (PDF)
    Video – How to Create a Virtual Pit

Workshops from Earlier Seasons
Engineering Notebook and the Engineering Design Process – presentation (PDF), video (YouTube)

Designing in CAD – presentation (PDF), video (YouTube)

Preparing for competition – presentation (PDF), video (YouTube)

Lifting Stuff Up – presentation (PDF), video (YouTube)

Programming Vuforia (computer vision) – presentation (PDF), sample source code, video (YouTube)

Assembling in CAD – presentation (PDF), video (YouTube)

Drive systems – presentation (PDF), video (YouTube)