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Here are the Challenge Season Updates for BC/Yukon.  


Team Resources

How to register a team in the first place….?!
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Team Grant Opportunities – team grant opportunities and fundraising ideas

Team Management Resources (Official FIRST site, including registration, coach resources, season challenge and more)

Do you need an FLL Challenge table? If you are in Victoria you can borrow one for free – we’ll just need it back before competitions. Contact if you are interested.

Do you want to buy an FLL Challenge table? A new type of FLL Challenge competition table is available from AndyMark Inc. This table comes apart into three sections and is much lighter and easier to store and to transport than regular tables – and you can use it for competitions, not just for practice. Have a look here.

Looking for an FLL team? Looking for FLL team members?  Try the FIRST Forums .  From the home page of the forums, scroll down to “FIRST LEGO League Teams” and then to “Starting a Team”. One of the many topics in this sub-forum is “Teams and Team Members in British Columbia”. Post a reply on this topic to announce that you are looking for a team, or that you have a team and are looking for more members. When someone else wants to reply to your announcement, they can do so publicly by posting another reply, or they can send you a private message.   You can also “subscribe” to the topic so that you get notified when there is a new post.  

Past FLL Season Results

BC Teams at international events 2020-21 – Team Infinity X

This was an exciting season for RoboPlanet and for team Infinity X. The team started a seasoned prep from early August and it passed all the way and battled to the end of the season. From August 2020 to July 2021, this was the longest and most special season ever! The four members of Infinity X have a strong interest in robotics and coding. They are extremely motivated and hard-working young minds.  

The FLL Challenge has high requirements for comprehensive abilities, emphasizing project-based learning and team development. At the beginning of the season, the team started from the most basic building, and gradually mastered the mechanic part and programming of the robot. During the course of competitions, the team accumulated lots of experience and continuously improved themselves.  With guidance from the coach, the team learned to be in charge of their task division, group discussion, and research. Though the process of solution design, construction of robots, programming, debugging, and iteration was not always smooth. The team members had to learn how to communicate effectively to reach an agreement.

For each event they participated in, the team members showed great enthusiasm. They strengthened their friendship, gained knowledge, improved communication and cooperation. The FLL has brought many challenges, new opportunities, and witnesses of victory. For Infinity X, the events are an excellent way to learn about themselves.

The FLL Asia Pacific Open Championship (APOC)  in Australia was an unforgettable experience for Infinity X. Although they were not able to participate in the event in person due to the global pandemic, APOC gave them the opportunity to meet up with the world’s outstanding teams through the Virbela Platform. The team submitted videos of their robot games for the referees to review and had a virtual meeting with the judges.  They watched the other teams’ innovation projects and robot design demonstrations. APOC is a grand feast where teams celebrated their achievements and enjoyed the fun of robot games.

This season is the most difficult season we have experienced. However, we saw that everyone is more united and we became stronger than ever! We are proud of all the players and coaches. In this challenging year, we have overcome difficulties and continue to innovate in the field of STEAM and robotics. We witness the flames of the FIRST LEGO League community continue to thrive. All the teams fully demonstrated their love for FLL and the spirit of not giving up!

BC Teams at international events 2020-21 – Team Phoenix

Team Phoenix, the youngest team at RoboPlanet outperformed in this FLL season and demonstrated great sportsmanship and teamwork spirits.  Although this is their first year in FLL Challenge, Ian, Sylvia, Ethan, Leo, and Josh have shown great passion, enthusiasm, and stunning talents in robotics and coding.  

Ian, being the youngest member of his team paid sustained efforts. Sometimes you could see his legs were trembling because he spent a whole afternoon focusing on practicing robot run without any rest. His dedication also inspired his teammates. Sylvia, the big sister, leads the team and takes care of everyone. Ethan’s cheering character contributed to effective and pleasant teamwork. And Leo’s artistic quality and Josh’s engineering talent are also essential to the team. You would be amazed by their determination and focus on learning and practice.

Phoenix developed an innovation project in which young kids can get more motivated in doing sports. In a jumping game, single or multiple players can run and jump with a sensor tied to their ankle that would pick the movements up. The team conducted a lot of research and sent out hundreds of surveys to collect feedback. They shared their project and tutorials on YouTube and created two iterations. They consulted several experts and made prototypes. The team successfully won the Innovation Project Award at the FLL Canada Cup.

Every team member was extremely excited when they were invited to compete at the FLL Virtual Open International Greece although they had to wake up at 4 am in morning in order to be present in the competition. They certainly met difficulties but they never gave up. Their passion for robotics kept them moving forward. They were all impressed by the grand opening of the event and cherished the opportunity to meet with other top teams around the world.  

Many young learners like Ian, Sylvia, Leo, Josh, and Ethan, see the FLL experience as enjoyable and valuable. FLL opens their minds and motivates them to continually develop their interest and passion for robotics.

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