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There’s lots of information and help available for FIRST LEGO League teams.


Team Resources

Looking for an FLL team? Looking for FLL team members?  Try the FIRST Forums .  From the home page of the forums, scroll down to “FIRST LEGO League Teams” and then to “Starting a Team”. One of the many topics in this sub-forum is “Teams and Team Members in British Columbia”. Post a reply on this topic to announce that you are looking for a team, or that you have a team and are looking for more members. When someone else wants to reply to your announcement, they can do so publicly by posting another reply, or they can send you a private message.   You can also “subscribe” to the topic so that you get notified when there is a new post.  

Judging Details:

Core Values Poster

  • A Core Values Poster can be handy as a talking point during the core values interview and when people visit the team’s pit. Bringing a Core Values Poster is optional.

Robot Design Executive Summary

  • This season we are requiring each team to prepare a short presentation about their robot. This will help in the judging process, and of course it will help your team not to forget any important bits during the interview. Robot Design Executive Summary (PDF)

Competition tables in robot judging rooms

  • As in previous years we will have one FLL table set up in each robot design judging room. Please note that these tables may not conform to competition standards – they may have slight bumps, or an incorrect border height, etc.

Spectators in judging rooms

  • No spectators are allowed in the core values interviews.
  • Up to two spectators can accompany their team into the robot design interview. The spectators need to stay back from the judges and the team, and they must not interfere in any way.
  • Anyone is welcome to watch the project presentation interviews. However the spectators need to stay back from the judges and the team, and they must not interfere in any way.
  • No spectators can enter any interview room after the interview has started.

Video / Photography during interviews

  • Spectators are welcome to take video or pictures during the interviews. (Please turn off the camera sound when taking pictures.)
  • We will try to videotape interviews and send the videos to the teams after the tournament.

Past FLL Season Results

Let us know if there are more resources you’d like added to this page, or you can contact us if you have any questions.