FIRST relies on volunteers and donations to support teams and run events. All skill levels are welcome and needed, technical and non-technical. Teams need all kinds of skills to succeed, so what are you good at? Chances are we have a job for you. And we’ll probably teach you a few new ones while you’re with us.

Event Volunteers
Event Volunteers

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  • Mentor – (3-4 hours per week) – working with the team as they design, build, program and test their robot for competition. Teams may start up anywhere around the province, but currently are in Victoria, Vancouver, and Nanaimo.
  • Visiting Mentor – (2-3 hours per visit) – to help a team solve a specific challenge with the robot design, programming, or walk the team through a Design Review before or after an event. Teams are located around the province, but mostly in Victoria, Vancouver or Nanaimo.
  • Event Volunteer – (1 day) – judges, referees, score keepers, master of ceremonies, runners, set-up, …. Most events are held in Victoria or Vancouver. Referees and judges should not be associated with any competing team, but all other event volunteers could be. How to register as an event Volunteer.
  • Donate – teams and events need materials listed below.
  • Sponsor – help FIRST inspire young people to become the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) professionals.

FIRST Outreach Event Volunteers

A special case of volunteering, FIRST teams and team members can also volunteer to support various events. Typically these are events designed to reach out to the public or to the engineering/technology community. Some are hosted by FIRST BC, some are hosted by FIRST teams as part of their outreach programs. Opportunities and sign up sheets can be found on the volunteer signup page.

Team Needs

  • scrap material that could be used to build robots
  • Plastic sheets like polycarbonate or ABS (pieces larger than 30cm)
  • Safety Glasses (about 10 pairs per team)
  • Tools (drill, saw, Dremel, heat gun, screw drivers, pliers, allen keys, …)
  • funding to purchase materials or electronics for the robot
  • 3D print holders for electronics to attach to robot

Event Needs

  • Safety Glasses for volunteers and visitors (40 pairs)
  • food for volunteers at events
  • Plastic Sizing Cube (18”) for RobotThank you Rainhouse!
  • Volunteer t-shirts