At FIRST BC we’re very proud of our British Columbia teams who have been recognized as outstanding teams at the FIRST World Championships.

2021/22 FIRST World Championships, Houston

Congratulations to FTC 16031 Parabellum from Vancouver who won the World Championships Judges Award ‘Listening to the Earth’.

2018/19 FIRST World Championships, Houston

FLL 33968 Forces of the Galaxy, 1st for Teamwork

FRC Team 6485 Mecha Mustangs (L.A.Matheson) 2019 Championship, Subdivision Winner, Houston

2017/18 FIRST World Championships, Houston

FTC 3491  FIX IT, 1st Place Inspire

FIX IT Team 3491 wins the Inspire Award at the Houston FIRST Championship

Aila Simpson, Dean’s List

Aila Simpson - 2017 Dean's List Award Winner
Aila Simpson – 2017 Dean’s List Award Winner