Superstar Teams from British Columbia

At FIRST BC we’re very proud of our British Columbia teams who have been recognized as outstanding teams at the FIRST World Championships.

2021/22 FIRST World Championships, Houston

Congratulations to FTC 16031 Parabellum from Vancouver who won the World Championships Judges Award ‘Listening to the Earth’.

FTC 16031 Parabellum

2018/19 FIRST World Championships, Houston

FLL 33968 Forces of the Galaxy, 1st for Teamwork

FLL 33968 Forces of the Galaxy

FRC Team 6485 Mecha Mustangs (L.A.Matheson) 2019 Championship, Subdivision Winner, Houston

FRC Team 6485 Mecha Mustangs

2017/18 FIRST World Championships, Houston

FTC 3491  FIX IT, 1st Place Inspire

FIX IT Team 3491 wins the Inspire Award at the Houston FIRST Championship
FTC 3491  FIX IT

Aila Simpson, Dean’s List

Aila Simpson - 2017 Dean's List Award Winner
Aila Simpson – 2017 Dean’s List Award Winner