CENTERSTAGE FTC Autonomous Tutorials

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At the BC CENTERSTAGE scrimmages in late November, some robots were not moving in the autonomous period. If you are having trouble getting your robot moving, here are some tutorials to help you get started. There is a basic program, just driving your robot straight that scores 11 points! The tutorials get more complex as they introduce topics like motor encoders and TensorFlow.


A simple Blocks program that pushes two pixels backstage and parks for 11 points

These particular tutorials are focused on using the Blocks programming language and on a basic two wheel drive robot. Blocks does not have some of the sample programs that are available to teams using OnBot Java. You can learn how to create the Blocks version of some of them, like RobotAutoDriveByEncoder_Blocks.

If you’re using a four wheel drive Mecanum wheel robot, check out some sample Blocks programs here, or the OnBot Java programs here.

Click on the link to the page for the programs you want to create, or just start at the beginning and work your way through them.

Autonomous Blocks Program Tutorials