Start a FIRST Tech Challenge Team

FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams can register throughout the year, but it’s better to get the team registered in the spring/summer and all the equipment ordered over the summer.  Kick-off is in early September and competitions start in November.  

FIRST has created a summary page with links to help when starting a new FTC Team that has resources and steps to follow to get your new new team up and running.  

  • Gather support resources – Contact the BC FTC Program Delivery Partner
    (select FIRST Tech Challenge on the contact form).
  • Enlist Coaches & Mentors
  • Register and Pay
  • Build your team
  • Fundraising, see the Team Grant Opportunities page and the most recent team fundraising opportunities.
  • Review Mentor and Team Resources
POWERPLAY Inspire Award Winner Team 3491 FIX IT
POWERPLAY Inspire Award Winner Team 3491 FIX IT


Teams are welcome to create some of their own robot parts, but usually purchase a FTC Kit as a starting point.  All teams order the Control Communications Set $275US and the Electronics Module (Control Hub) and Sensors Set $295US. The best price is from the FIRST Storefront where you registered your team.

From there, teams can choose from either of the two kits offered in the FIRST Storefront, or order a FTC Competition set directly from a supplier.   Here’s some info about the different choices for 2022-23.

CriteriaGoBildaREV (Reb website)Tetrix (Tetrix website)
Price (US$)$799$555$580
Where to purchase?goBILDAFIRST StorefrontFIRST Storefront
Starter Kit QualityGoodOKOK
Easy to learn to useGoodOKBest
Can the kit build a competitive robot?PossibleNoPossible
Measurement systemMetricMetricMetric
Parts can be customizedSomewhatBestSomewhat
Connector MaterialMetalPlastic(some metal)Metal
Axle TypeHexHexD shaft
Will need power toolsOptionalYesOptional

Ordering the FTC Kit through the storefront means teams can take advantage of specialized discounts FIRST has negotiated for REV or Tetrix kits.  Or you can choose to order directly from a supplier who offers discounts to FTC teams (ServoCity or goBILDA).  AndyMark is a great place to find parts including motors and wheels.

Some Canadian teams order their equipment through Studica who carries parts from Tetrix and AndyMark, or through the Robot Shop. Rev has a Canadian distributor to make it easier for Canadian teams to order their products.

Teams often ask which kit they should start with.   There’s no easy answer to that question.  Each team has a unique set of resources (mentors, equipment, and finances).   You will have to pick the kit that is right for your team.   Here is some information that can help you with that choice.  Unfortunately, it hasn’t been updated in a couple of years but it does provide more description about each of the choices.

FTC Season

The FIRST Tech Challenge Season starts with Kickoff is in September with competitions starting in November.   In the fall, we run workshops that can help your team learn how to build their robot and get ready for events.  Videos of our past Workshops are available on YouTube. Qualifying tournaments will be held in January, with a BC Championship in February. The global FIRST Championship is in April.


If it all seems confusing, ask for help.  FIRST BC has volunteers who are familiar with starting FTC teams and can help you.  Many of our experienced FTC teams are happy to meet with new teams and answer questions.  Check out the local FTC Team Resources page. Use the Contact Us page with the message directed to FIRST Tech Challenge to ask your questions.