In CENTERSTAGE presented by Raytheon Technologies, debuting September 9, 2023, FIRST Tech Challenge teams will raise the curtain on the power of design, creativity, and precision to create all new experiences.

2023-24 FIRST Tech Challenge Season in British Columbia

In British Columbia, we’re planning for a season with scrimmages and our Provincial Championship in February 2024. Based on the number of registered FTC teams we expect there to be some qualifying tournaments held in January 2024.


Season Start

  • Sept. 23 – Open Field and Workshops at the University of Victoria. Click here for event details.
    The slideshows from the presentations can be found on the Workshops page.
  • October 14 10am – 3pm Open Field. The CenterStage field will be set-up in the ECS lobby at University of Victoria for teams to drop in throughout the day. There may be some FIRST alumni around to help out if your team has questions about the game, robots, or programming.
Question Box

Online Question Box for BC Referees, Inspectors, and Scorekeepers. Fill out this form to submit a question for a Referee, Robot Inspector, or Score Keeper. You can use this form to contact volunteers with a suggestion too!

Coaches/Mentor Meetings



  • Released Dec. 13 – Introduction to getting the robot moving in the autonomous period.
Autonomous Blocks Program Tutorials
  • Blocks versions of Java sample programs that you can download and try:
Blocks Sample Programs


At a scrimmage teams play robot matches. The scores don’t carry forward. A scrimmage is optional, but good for the teams to learn how things work before the Qualifier.

Qualifying Tournaments

  • Jan. 20 – Delview Secondary, Delta BC
  • Jan. 27  – St. Margaret’s in Victoria
  • Remote Qualifier Jan. 11 – 17 – Robot scores and judging interview with awards. Top teams earn a spot at the Provincial Championships.

BC Championship

  • Feb. 24-25   L.A. Matheson, Surrey BC

Past FTC Seasons

Click on this link if you are looking for past FTC seasons.