FTC Team Resources

There’s lots of information and help available for FIRST Tech Challenge teams, everything from FTC event results to Preparing for Competitions. Let us know if there are more resources you’d like added to this page, or you can contact us if you have any questions.

Building FTC Robots

  • Robot Building Resources – official FIRST robot building resources page. There are also sections about hardware in the FTC Docs site.
  • Robot Wiring Guide – highly recommended guide to wiring your robot. Teams should follow best practices when wiring their robots. This will help to ensure that the placement, connections, and security of their wires will lead to improved robot performance, eliminate intermittent electrical problems, and allow for easy troubleshooting and resolution of electrical and/or signal-related problems.
  • Legal and Illegal parts – official list in a PDF format file.
Team 16267 Forces Unknown
Team 16267 Forces Unknown

Programming FTC Robots


Past FTC Season Results and Photos

See the “Past FTC Seasons” section at the bottom of our main FTC page.

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