FTC Workshops – Victoria

FIRST Tech Challenge robots teams will be learning more about building and programming robots on Oct. 13, 2018 from 1-4pm.

Location: University of Victoria
Engineering/Computer Science(ECS) Building
Parking lot A is a small meter lot that can be used as a drop off location. Lot 1 is the closest lot for parking.


Math for your Engineering Notebook
Building Tips and Tricks
Android Studio Programming
Intro to Vuforia

There will be time for open Q&A and testing robots.

Workshop notes:
Math For Robotics2
Introduction to Vuforia

FTC Kick-off Rover Ruckus

Find out about FIRST Tech Challenge and learn about this year’s game challenge called Rover Ruckus. See a playing field set-up for this year’s game and participate in workshops to get your season started.

Kickoff is free and open to the public.

This year, there will be two Kick-off locations, Victoria on Sept. 15 and Vancouver on Sept. 22.  Please register for the event of your choice.

Victoria Kick-off
Date: Saturday September 15, 2018 from 1-4pm
Location: University of Victoria
Engineering/Computer Science(ECS) Building
Parking lot A is a small metered lot that can be used as a drop off location. Lot 1 is the closest lot for parking for longer term parking.

Vancouver Kick-off
Date:  Sept. 22 , 2018   10am – noon
Location: Centre for Digital Media

685 Great Northern Way, Vancouver

After the game reveal and discussion there will be workshops to help your team get their season started.


Team Grants

In 2018-19, FIRST teams in British Columbia have access to a variety of grant opportunities. Some grants could help with paying registration fees, others are for equipment such as EV3 kits, WeDos or laptops.

Grant Application Deadline:    Sept. 25, 2018
Complete the application form by Sept. 25, 2018 to be considered in the initial round of grants.

Some grants will be based on a specific criteria set by the sponsor, other grants are more open ended. The forms linked to below collect the information we need to allocate the grants. By completing our application your team will be reviewed for eligibility for all grants and considered for all grants for which your team is eligible. A more complete application will result in a better chance of receiving a grant.

All of the information collected in our application is relevant to the targets or goals of one or more of our grantors. Data collected in our application may be used in connection with grant reporting.  Summary data could be used in newsletters, websites and marketing materials associated with FIRST British Columbia. At no time will student identifiable information be released or published.

The grant application will stay open as long as there are grants available.

Please complete the form for the program of your choice. If you work with multiple teams, please complete a new application for each team.

FIRST LEGO League Jr. Grants

FIRST LEGO League Grants

FIRST Tech Challenge British Columbia  Grant Application

FIRST Tech Challenge FIRST Rookie Team Grant

Note: the link above is to to the  FIRST Inspires website. Please use the Contact page when you are applying for this grant to let FIRST Robotics BC know you are applying.


FIRST Robotics Competition – available in fall 2018


Contact Us if you have any questions about the grant application or the programs.


In British Columbia, the 2018/19 FIRST Tech Challenge season uses a League format leading on the the Provincial Championship. It means that your team will get more opportunities to play matches with your robot.

All teams are encouraged to participate in two League events which will be held from November to January.  The scores from the League events will carry forward to the British Columbia Championship.

New this year, some of the FIRST Tech Challenge events will be held in both the Vancouver area and Victoria.

At each League event, teams will play up to 5 matches. Scores from a maximum of 10 matches will carry forward to the Championship.

Season Schedule (see the Events page dates, times, and locations)

September – Kick-off

October – Workshops

November to January – League Events

February 23, 2019 – British Columbia FTC Championship
St. Michael’s University School, Victoria

Register for the BC FIRST Tech Challenge Season


Questions and Answers

  1. Why are there Leagues?
    • The primary reason for implementing Leagues is to create more opportunities for Teams to compete with the robots. Leagues encourage teams to learn about the Engineering Design Process by having the opportunity to design, build, test, evaluate, and then start the design cycle again.
    • Leagues should be easier for most students and teams to participate. They require less of a time commitment yet provide unique learning opportunities. Teams can learn from each other as the try new designs and improve their programming skills.
    • Leagues promote community: Teams interact more and develop closer ties.
  2. How do League Rankings Work?
    Teams receive scores for each Match they participate in. Their best 10 scores carry forward to the Championships (automated by the scoring system). All other Match scores for that team are discarded.
  3. Could a team play more than ten matches in League play?
    No team will have results from more than ten matches included in the team rankings at the start of the Championship.
  4. Do teams hand in their Engineering Notebook at each League event?
    It’s always a good idea to have your Engineering Notebook with your team, but you only need to hand in your Engineering Notebook for judging at the Championship.
  5. If my team misses a League event, can we still compete in the Championship?
    Yes, any team registered in the British Columbia Championships is welcome to compete. Your team will have fewer matches included in rankings at the end of the Qualifying Matches.
  6. Can my team choose which League Events they play in?
    Teams can indicate a preference for which League they will participate in as part of their season registration.  Leagues will have a maximum number of spots available due to the capacity of different venues.
  7. What is the difference between a League Event and the Championship Tournament?
    • At League events, teams will have a pit area, go through robot inspections and then start playing matches. Each team should expect to play 5 matches at a League event.
    • At the Championships, all teams will check in and be assigned a pit table. Each team will have an assigned 10 minute Judging Interview in the morning. After Opening Ceremonies, all teams will play in 5 Qualifying matches. The scores of these matches are added to the scores from League Play to rank the teams for Alliance Selection. The top four alliances will play off in the exciting Elimination Matches, followed by Closing Ceremonies and Awards.

Announcing FTC Game – ROVER RUCKUS

Join our expedition into the 30th season of FIRST® celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing! Ready your robots to explore uncharted planets in ROVER RUCKUSSM.

In the 2018/2019 FIRST Tech Challenge season, teams will explore STEM concepts through a challenging, and out-of-this-world space-themed game. Prepare to rouse a ruckus and take your team on an adventure when the new season launches this September.

FREE curriculum, FIRST Class, is available to help teams learn the skills needed for FIRST Tech Challenge.

Learn more about participating in the FIRST Tech Challenge in British Columbia.

FIRST Tech Challenge Registration

BC FTC Championship Details

This post contains the details of the 2018 BC FTC Championship on February 17 2018.

Team List
Match Results
Team Rankings after qualifying matches

After the qualifications matches the top four teams were selected as alliance captains. They then choose a team to be their partner. The following four alliances participated in elimination matches.

  1. 417 SKID, 8923 Perpetual Velocity
  2. 7198 Cyborg Ferrets, 10544 Cyber Eagles
  3. 6220 Centripetal, 12598 Green Jelly Beans
  4. 11589 Fusion, 14065 Mathison

Elimination Ladder

Winner is the Red Alliance 1: 417,8923

F RED – Winner SF 1:
Alliance 1: 417,8923
BLUE – Winner SF 2:
Alliance 3: 6220,12598
SF1 RED – Alliance 1: 417,8923 SF2 RED – Alliance 2: 7198,10544
BLUE – Alliance 4: 11589,14065 BLUE – Alliance 3: 6220,12598

FTC Scoring Software © 2017-2018 FIRST®
Elimination Ladder generated at 02/17/18 05:29:59 PM

BC FTC Championship Results

The British Columbia FIRST Tech Challenge Championships were held at St. Michaels University School on Feb. 17, 2018. There were 20 teams from British Columbia, Alberta and Washington State.

All the teams built robots that were fun to watch on the field.

Congratulations to team 6220 Centripetal who won the Inspire Award and will advance to the FIRST Championship in Houston Texas April 18-21 2018. Continue reading “BC FTC Championship Results”

FIRST Tiara Friday

FIRST knows there’s a place for ladies in the STEM field. On Tiara Friday, FIRST participants show their support for women in STEM by wearing Tiaras.

FIRST Tech Challenge League Three in British Columbia was on Friday Feb. 16, and we celebrated Tiara Friday. League 3 results and combined league results are posted here.

Team Members, Coaches and Volunteers, it’s a FIRST tradition. There’s lots of variety in what is a tiara. Some teams get creative! Here are some pics of people on Tiara Friday. Continue reading “FIRST Tiara Friday”