Workshop: Master Robotics Through Hardware Engineering Optimization

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Workshop series
5 days 9am-4pm
August 26-30th
At Esquimalt High School. (Thank-you to their school admin and mentors for hosting)

Registrants will be sent detailed entry instructions since the school will still be closed.
Cost is FREE!!!

Elevate your skills in robotics and engineering with our immersive 5-day in-person workshop series! Delve into advanced topics including:

  • Engineering Tradeoffs & Simple Modelling for Design Selection
  • Mechanical Design Optimization
  • Electronics-Sensor Integration Strategies
  • Selecting the Right Sensors for Tasks
  • Unlock the secrets of simple machines, motor torque and power, and sensor selection.

This hardware skill building series is intended for students or mentors with at least 1 season experience with  FTC or FRC competitions already. It will not be specific to any one hardware system, and specific knowledge in any one area is not required, but examples will be targeted with references to these competitions. No programming skill required.

Even if you can’t take away everything, you will certainly gain something of value by attending.

For inquiries contact Brandon at
or fill out this Form to sign up 

We are also looking for senior students and adults who may want to help out and volunteer to mentor small groups in some of these topics.

Flexible roles and timings, please reach out to let us know your skills and availability. FIRST Youth Protection Program required for all assistants and mentors.