You are currently viewing Our FIRST LEGO League Mini-Tourney!

Our FIRST LEGO League Mini-Tourney!

We were excited to host our first ever FLL Mini-Tourney Show, this November 4th. You can watch the full show at the link below. Each team that participated needed to submit a 1 minute project presentation video, and then a 1 minute robot run. Points were given by judges for each of the video presentations. Judges used a simple rubric to score the teams’ presentations. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Watch the FLL Mini-Tourney Show #1

You can watch the mini-tourrney below or at this link. A big thanks to the judges Mark, David, Teri and Uschi for helping out!

Participating teams

25220Lansdowne Fryers60203The Unknown Code
28718Failure Management60308Cybernetic Squad
59201Brainy Blocks63785PCS Pacers

Innovation Project Results:

#Team NamePoints
28718Failure Management5
63785PCS Pacers4
60203The Unknown Code3
25220Lansdowne Fryers2
59201Brainy Blocks1
60308Cybernetic Squad0

Robot Run Results

#Team NameRobot ScorePoints
60308Cybernetic Squad1805
60203The Unknown Code1404
25220Lansdowne Fryers1303
63785PCS Pacers1202
59201Brainy Blocks1202
28718Failure Management700

Total Scores for All Teams Participating in Mini-Tourney #1

#Team NameProject PointsRobot PointsTotal Points
60203The Unknown Code347
63785PCS Pacers426
28718Failure Management505
25220Lansdowne Fryers235
60308Cybernetic Squad055
59201Brainy Blocks123

Watch the next Mini-Tourney show!

When: January 28th, 2023

Zoom Link:


For more information on the FIRST LEGO Leagoe MASTERPIECE Season in BC and Yukon, please see:

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