Victoria FLL Qualifier Results and FLL Explore Festival

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The Victoria FIRST LEGO League Challenge Qualifier was held on January 14 at the University of Victoria. Ten teams had registered for this event. In the afternoon, 12 Explore teams joined us for the Victoria Festival. Many thanks to the Department of Engineering and Computer Science for providing a beautiful venue!

The Lansdowne Fried Kids

Judging and practice robot runs were held in the morning along with the first run of robot matches.

Photos from the event are in this Google drive folder.

Robot Runs

Team #Team NameHighScoreMatch1ScoreMatch2ScoreMatch3Score
60203The Unknown Code375315375315
60442Code Crushers315315250315
63785PCS Pacers295235295245
25220Lansdowne Fried Kids270175270200
60308Cybernetic Squad270240190270
59201Brainy Blocks260200235260
54345Show Jumpers210210200210

After lunch the FIRST LEGO League Explore teams had their festival.

After the robot runs and Explore festival while waiting for the judging results there was a FIRST Tech Challenge demonstration by FTC team Guild of Builders. They showed off their robot and talked about FTC and the CENTERSTAGE robot game. They also demonstrated their robot launching paper airplanes.

FTC demonstration by Guild of Builders

FLL Explore Awards

AwardTeam #Team Name
Coding Award20162Bionic Builders 
Creativity Award20163Dinos
Challenge Solution Award20164The Chipmunks
Core Values Award28921Watermelon
Team Model Award28924Gearing Up
TeamPoster Award29470LEGO Master
Team Model Award29471Shiny LEGO
TeamPoster Award29472Roblox
Team Model Award29473Fire Dragons
Coding Award28765Robostorm Monkeys
Core Values Award29303Beans the Builder
Core Values Award30019GOAT

FLL Challenge Awards

AwardTeam #Team NameNote
Champion’s Award50936Teamsters
Core Values Award63785PCS Pacers
Innovation Project Award60203The Unknown Code
Robot Design Award25220Lansdowne Fried Kids
Robot Performance Award50936TeamstersHigh Score: 460
Coach/Mentor Award59201Brainy BlocksShaun Stevenson

These five teams are advancing to the BC/YT Championship.

Champion’s Award – Team 50936 Teamsters with the Head Judge

The British Columbia/Yukon FIRST LEGO League Championship will be held in Maple Ridge on March 9 2024.