In British Columbia, the 2019/20 FIRST Tech Challenge SKYSTONE season uses a League format leading on the the Provincial Championship. It means that your team will get more opportunities to play matches with your robot.

All teams are encouraged to participate in two League events which will be held from November to January. FIRST Tech Challenge events will be held multiple locations including the Vancouver area and Victoria. At each League event, teams will play up to 6 matches depending on the schedule at the event.

League 2 Vancouver

SKYSTONE Season Results

FTC Victoria League 1 Nov. 23 Results
FTC Vancouver League 1 Nov. 30 Results
FTC Victoria League 2 Jan. 11 Results
FTC Vancouver League 2 Jan. 25 Results
FTC Vancouver League 3 Jan. 26 Results
BC FTC Championship Results
Feb. 22, 2020 St. Michaels University School


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FIRST Season Launch 2019
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FTC Workshop – CAD Assemblies
FTC Workshop – Vuforia
FTC Workshop – Designing a Lift
FTC Workshop – Engineering Design Process
FTC Workshop – Designing Parts Using CAD
FTC Workshop – Preparing for Competition
FTC Championship Live Stream Feb. 22
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