BC FTC Championship Results

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The 2020 British Columbia FIRST Tech Challenge Championships were held on Saturday February 22, 2020.

BC FTC Championship Event

The match scores and results are a the PDF.

Detailed score sheet results for each match can be found in a zip archive file.

Our photographer took some great photos of the event.

Each team was ranked after five qualifying matches.

The top four teams were Alliance Captains. These Captains picked two other teams to be their Alliance Partners in the elimination rounds. The four alliances were:

  1. 16353 Reynolds Reybots, with partners 16448 A.I.M bot Robotics and 16195 The Guild of Builders.
  2. 15013 Friction, with partners 3491 FIX IT and 16267 Forces Unknown.
  3. 12354 Belmont Bytes, with partners 16888 VC Clean-Up Crew and 15479 KP Timberwolves
  4. 16031 PARABELLUM, with partners 16205 Lightning Bots and 16140 TechnoDynamics.

BC FTC Championship Elimination bracket results

Congratulations to team 16031 PARABELLUM, Captain of the Winning Alliance and their alliance partners 16205 Lightning Bots and 16140 TechnoDynamics.

In addition to the robot game, teams were evaluated for a number of judged awards that were presented at the end of the day. Before the team awards, there were some individual awards.

Alumni Honourariums

Five FIRST alumni (Alec Krawciw, Dorian Munro, Duncan Silversides, Kath Silversides, and Simon Erlic )were presented with $500 honourariums. These college and university students have continued to be part of FIRST and have volunteered throughout the season.

Volunteer of the Year Award

The Volunteer of the Year award was given to Kevin Zhou who not only mentored a rookie FTC team, but also volunteered as League Coordinator for the Vancouver Events.

Judges Award

The Judges Award is given at the discretion of the Judges to a Team they have encountered whose unique efforts, performance or dynamics merit recognition, yet the Team does not fit into any of the existing Award categories.

This team lit up the judges’ eyes. Rather than telling their alliance partners “Don’t Do That”, they developed multiple support strategies. With great initiative, they covered all the bases. The “Covering the Bases Award” goes to Team 12354, Belmont Bytes.

Control Award, Sponsored by Arm Inc.

The Control Award celebrates the team that demonstrates innovative thinking in the control system.

The choice for the control award was BLACK and WHITE. With a good GRIP on any WRENCHES in their design, they delivered a GUILDED performance. Congratulations to team 16195, The Guild of Builders.

Motivate Award

The team that receives the Motivate Award has the culture of FIRST and clearly shows what it means to be a team.

This team truly embodies the spirit of FIRST in motivating their community to recognize the value in STEM subjects. We knew, ever since we laid EYES on them, no one could SULLY their enthusiasm. Through teamwork, collaboration, and outreach, they have proven that LAUGHS are more powerful than tears. Congratulations to team 16353, Reynolds Reybots.

Design Award

The Design Award expands on this year’s challenge, inspiring teams to incorporate industrial design into their robots.

This team’s dedication to documentation wowed the judges. Their robot really understood the GRAVITY of the challenge. This team is a FORCE to be reckoned with. Congratulations to team 16267, Forces Unknown.

Collins Aerospace Innovate Award

The Collins Aerospace Innovate Award celebrates a team that has the ingenuity and inventiveness to make their designs come to life.

This rookie team looked the challenge from all angles. The robot kept trucking on to overcome all obstacles. This STREAM of individuals flew in from the COLD. Congratulations to team 16696, Kalamalka Robotics.

Connect Award

The Connect Award is presented to the team that the Judges’ feel most connected with their local community, FIRST and the business world.

(as a rhyme)
They know how to connect
and know how to share.
People and robots make a great pair.

This winning team
knows how to learn
by reaching out to technical firms.

They can build robots.
They can build boats!
And at the end of the day, they got our votes.
Congratulations to team 3491, FIX IT.

Think Award

The Think Award is given to the team that the Judges feel best reflects the journey of the engineering design process.

In order to choose this team, the judges had to use a DECISION MATRIX. This team will be turning SCARLET when they win this award. These THREE AMIGOS did a MARVELLous job. Congratulations to team 16069, Marvel Robotics.

Dean’s List Finalists

FIRST Dean’s List Finalists are outstanding student leaders whose passion for and effectiveness at attaining FIRST ideals is exemplary. FIRST Dean’s List Finalists, recognized here today, will represent British Columbia in the running for the 10 Dean’s List Winner spots at the 2020 FIRST Championship in Houston.

Congratulations to:

  • Paula Phanachet
  • Ishaan Kareer
Deans List Award Winners
Dean’s List Finalists Paula Phanachet and Ishaan Kareer

Inspire Award

The Inspire Award is presented to the Team that the Judges felt truly embodied the ‘challenge’ of the FIRST Tech Challenge program.

Inspire 3rd Place
The seven member cast in white was a cohesive team. The technology in their autonomous arm wowed the crowd. This team’s dynamics was so amazing that they coached themselves. The winner of Inspire 3rd Place award is team 16140, Technodynamics.

Inspire 2nd Place
This dynamic team is always moving in the right direction. Their gracious professionalism was evident throughout the event. With great velocity, they shot ahead of the competition. The winner of Inspire 2nd Place award is Team 16031, Parabellum.

Inspire 1st Place
Everybody knows about these guys from social media. They didn’t seem too STRESSED when their robot broke. That really helped them CLEAN UP at this event. The winner of the Inspire Award for the 2020 British Columbia
FIRST Tech Challenge Championship is team 16888, Vancouver College Clean-Up Crew. They will represent British Columbia at the 2020 FIRST Championship in Houston.

Inspire Award Winner - Team 16888 Vancouver College Clean-Up Crew
BC FTC Inspire Award Winner – Team 16888, Vancouver College Clean-Up Crew.