FTC Season Ultimate Goal

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The FIRST Tech Challenge Season may look a bit different this year, but there will be a full competition season. This year’s game is called Ultimate Goal and here’s the video teaser to introduce the theme.

British Columbia events will start in September with a Live Stream Kick-off on our youtube channel and an opportunity for teams to explore the field.

Workshops will run in September and October with the videos available on YouTube.

League events will start in November, and will follow all Public Health guidelines. There could be some small, in-person events and some teams may be competing remotely. Championships will be held in May 2021 with the format decided closer to the date.

One of the largest changes you’ll notice is that all events will be live streamed. Teams should get the opportunity to see all the robots and get new ideas on how to play the game.

It all starts on September 12, 2020, so be sure to join us for the BC Kick-off starting at 9am!

More information on how to register a FIRST Tech Challenge team.