BC Teams and Students are Heading to the FIRST Championship in Houston this week

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BC Teams and students are heading to the FIRST Championship in Houston this week.  Find links to watch all the action and cheer for your favourite team. https://www.firstchampionship.org/watch-live

Here are the students and teams from BC to check out.

Dean’s List

Three BC teens have been selected as Dean’s List Finalists.  Congratulations to:
Adi Poluri (FRC 6390 Hephaestus),
Rashid Al-Abri (FTC 11589 Fusion),
Tianne Lee (FTC 13464 Fission).


FLL 32829, the Technodynamics, are going to the FLL World Festival in Houston. In their most recent practice simulation runs, they’ve achieved 435 points approximately 90% of the time, and 500 maximum points. They still need to practice module changing and reduce the time spent, and give the robot more error tolerance by testing the runs on multiple different fields with slight dimensional variances, since the fields in Houston will not be exactly the same as ours.

We will depart for Houston on April 17th and the whole team is looking forward to having a great time!

FIRST Robotics Competition

The BC FRC Teams advancing to the Championship in Houston are:
6390 Hepaestus  (North Surrey Secondary)
7287 Atom Smashers (Esquimalt High School)
7190 Templeton Secondary
7173 Iris Robotics (Garibaldi Secondary School)

FRC 7287, the Atom Smashers, have had a very busy few weeks with lots of fund raising and planning for Houston.  Thank you to team 6406 – the Cyber Scorpions from Salt Spring Island who loaned us their spare robot and to team 7167 Spectrum ThunderBots who loaned us their roborio  – this has allowed us to put together a prototype robot to explore some additional codes, driving techniques and challenge our programmers for higher level autonomous abilities.  Our hotels and flights are booked and we are ready to come and experience World’s for the first time.  Our team is pumped and over the top excited to be a part of this.  Thank you FIRST for putting this together.

FRC 7287, the Atom Smashers
FRC 7287, the Atom Smashers