Rookie Grants Available Through FTC SIM

NOTE: all FTC SIM grants have been issued for 2023. This grant likely to be available again in May 2024.

The Argosy foundation is empowering FTC SIM users to take their virtual robotics experience to the next level by providing 108 x $1000 USD grants towards starting a competitive FIRST Tech Challenge Team in North America. The grant will cover the teams registration fee and can be used towards purchasing products in the FIRST Tech Challenge storefront.

Information on how to qualify and the application process is available at this link.  It mentions that after completing the training you register your team but do not complete the payment process. This provides you a temporary team number from FIRST. Then apply for the grant and after the grant is approved you can use it to pay the registration fee and robot components.

FTC SIM is a virtual coding tool, developed by FIRST Canada, that allows users to code and run a virtual FIRST Tech Challenge robot autonomously for free! Users can learn everything from basic movement, to how to use sensors by completing a series of puzzles using Blocks or Java programming languages. There is an integrated guide that users can follow if they choose. It automatically starts whenever a new coding skill is being introduced and can provide coding tips at any time. There are also additional tutorials on FIRST Canada’s YouTube Channel that cover more advanced concepts.


  • Only North American teams are eligible.
  • Only eligible for new rookie teams who have not already registered (i.e. who have a temporary team number but not yet paid)
  • Teams awarded this grant are not eligible for the need-based FIRST rookie team grant.
  • Only one grant per rookie team. Multiple team members cannot be awarded this grant for the same team.
FTC SIM Intro Screen