BC FIRST Tech Challenge Championships

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The British Columbia FIRST Tech Challenge Championships will be held on Saturday, February 26, 2022 at Khalsa Secondary (10589 124th Street, Surrey).   Unfortunately, spectators are not allowed this year. We’ll be streaming the championship live on the FIRST Robotics BC YouTube channel.


8:30 Doors Open, teams will be given a check-in time
9:00 Inspections 
10:30 Opening Ceremonies
10:45 Matches
12 noon Lunch
1:00 Matches
2:30 Alliance Selection  and Elimination Matches
4:00 Awards
4:30 Load Out

* Events may run ahead or behind schedule.

Teams must complete Robot and Field Inspection before they can use the Practice Field.  Please have your team complete the robot and field inspections before coming to the event.  It’s a tight schedule and if your robot doesn’t pass inspection, it won’t be able to play matches.

Robot Inspection Checklist
Field Inspection Checklist

At this point in the season, some teams may feel like they haven’t done enough or they aren’t ready for Championships. Don’t let your team skip the competition. They may be surprised to realize how much they’ve accomplished. Other teams will help your students if the robot isn’t ready for inspection.

Championship Matches
All teams will play 5 matches in the morning and early afternoon. Then the teams will be ranked. The top four teams will be the Captains and get to choose their alliance partners for the Elimination Rounds. After the Elimination Rounds are played, it will be time for the Awards Ceremonies.

More info will be available soon

Covid Guidelines
Coaches need to do health checks with their team members on the morning of the event.  All participants and volunteers will have their vaccine passport scanned and must wear a mask throughout the event.  The complete guidelines are posted on the FIRST Robotics BC Website.

More info will be available soon

There will be a drop off area near the entrance if you have equipment or robots to unload that you don’t want to carry in. 

Don’t Forget
Battery and phone chargers
Team Roster – students should be registered with FIRST
Team Number and sponsor logos on your robot
Robot plus spare parts, motors, cables, ….
Have a plan for lunch
Safety glasses for team members and mentors

Let us know if you have any questions. Use our Contact form and send it to FIRST Tech Challenge.