This year we have lots of FLL Jr. teams in BC – 44 as of today, with the large majority (33) in the Vancouver area, 8 on Vancouver Island, and 3 in other areas of BC – in Whistler, in Nelson and in Vanderhoof. Of course registration for FLL Jr. is open until April of next year, so I expect that there will be quite a few more teams coming up.

To accommodate teams starting their FLL Jr. work at different times there will be at least 3 expos in Vancouver and also in Victoria – one in November or December, one in January/February/March, and one in June.

Your teams are welcome to attend several expos.

We are planning our first expo of the season for November 24 (a Sunday) from 1:30 to 3:30 pm in Victoria, either at Lansdowne Middle School or at Juan de Fuca Rec Centre (most likely at Lansdowne). Please register for this expo using this link: https://forms.gle/WnGjy1ics7JC9VvJ7

An expo in Richmond is in the planning stage for January/February, and I hope we can have one in early December in Surrey.

P.S. Please  ensure that all coaches have their YPP screening done and that all team members are signed up online before your first expo.