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In British Columbia, the 2019/20 FIRST Tech Challenge season uses a League format leading on the the Provincial Championship. It means that your team will get more opportunities to play matches with your robot.

All teams are encouraged to participate in two League events which will be held from November to January. 

FIRST Tech Challenge events will be held multiple locations including the Vancouver area and Victoria.

At each League event, teams will play up to 6 matches depending on the schedule at the event.

Season Schedule (see the Events page dates, times, and locations)

September – Kick-off

October – Workshops

November 23 – Hatfield League One, Victoria
November 30 – Payette League One, Vancouver

January – League Events in Victoria and Vancouver
Jan 11 – Victoria
Jan 25, 26 – League two and three in Vancouver.

February 22, 2020 – British Columbia FTC Championship
St. Michael’s University School, Victoria. Teams can set up and go through robot and field inspection Friday evening Feb. 21.

Registration for the BC FIRST Tech Challenge Season will open in the fall.

Questions and Answers

  1. Why are there Leagues?
    • The primary reason for implementing Leagues is to create more opportunities for Teams to compete with the robots. Leagues encourage teams to learn about the Engineering Design Process by having the opportunity to design, build, test, evaluate, and then start the design cycle again.
    • Leagues should be easier for most students and teams to participate. They require less of a time commitment yet provide unique learning opportunities. Teams can learn from each other as the try new designs and improve their programming skills.
    • Leagues promote community: Teams interact more and develop closer ties.
  2. How do League Rankings Work?
    Teams receive scores for each Match they participate in. Please see FTC Game Manual Part 1 for more details on Team Rankings.
  3. Could a team play more than ten matches in League play?
    If there’s room, a team can play in three league events.
  4. Do teams hand in their Engineering Notebook at each League event?
    It’s always a good idea to have your Engineering Notebook with your team, but you only need to hand in your Engineering Notebook for judging at the Championship. FTC Alumni will be available at some events to offer comments and suggestions on Engineering Notebooks.
  5. If my team misses a League event, can we still compete in the Championship?
    Yes, any team registered in the British Columbia Championships is welcome to compete.
  6. Can my team choose which League Events they play in?
    Teams can indicate a preference for which League and events they will participate in as part of their season registration.  Leagues will have a maximum number of spots available due to the capacity of different venues. Teams aren’t guaranteed their first choice.
  7. What is the difference between a League Event and the Championship Tournament?
    • At League events, teams will have a pit area, go through robot inspections and then start playing matches. Each team should expect to play 5 matches at a League event.
    • At the Championships, all teams will check in and be assigned a pit table. Each team will have an assigned 10 minute Judging Interview in the morning where you will hand in your Engineering Notebook. After Opening Ceremonies, all teams will play in 5 Qualifying matches. The top four alliances will play off in the exciting Elimination Matches, followed by Closing Ceremonies and Awards.