FRC Kickoff – Jan 5 2019

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It’s time head to “Destination: Deep Space” We know the theme, but on January 5th we find out the game, the rules and what is in this year’s “Kit of Parts” to get your robot team up and running. Here is information to help get your FIRST Robotics Competition build season off to a great start!

This event is for the 20 “FRC” teams at High Schools across British Columbia. The event is hosted by the BCIT Department of Mechanical Engineering. Contact information leading up to and during the event is:

  • Jason Brett, BCIT Technology Teacher Education, , 778-840-2048
  • Ian Koscielski, FIRST Robotics Canada, , 778-879-2875

BCIT Telus Theater , BCIT School of Business (Building SE06, Room 233)
Vehicle access via Wayburne Drive and Ford Street

Pay Parking is available in Lot P5. One parking pass per team will be available.

Transit access is provided by bus on either Canada Way or Willingdon Avenue.
Cycling access via Central Valley Greenway and Willingdon Urban Trail.

BCITSA Great Hall, Building SE04
Following the kickoff broadcast at Telus Theatre teams will move to the Great Hall to receive their Kit of Parts.
BCIT map

Saturday, January 6, 2018
Doors open: 7:00am
Welcome and Webcast: 7:25am – 9:00am ( teams should be seated in Telus Theatre by 7:20am )
Kit of Parts Distribution, Seminars and Robot Quickbuild: 9:15am – 2:00pm
Event Ends: 2:00pm (or earlier)

In addition to the presentation of the Kickoff Webcast, where the 2019 FRC Game “Destination: Deep Space” will be announced, teams will engage in:
– Kit of Parts distribution and inventory
– Robot Quick Build. Assemble the KoP chassis and control system with the support of experienced teams.

Seminars (located in Telus Theatre)
9:30 Labview Programming for the RoboRio FRC Control System
10:30 Sponsorship and Fundraising
11:30 Effective Game Strategies

What about food?
Please bring your lunch. Please ensure your team leaves the space as clean as you found it. “The Stand”, featuring packaged food, hot dogs, pastries and coffee is located in the Great Hall. Tim Hortons, located a few minutes walk away in building SE12 will be open 8:00am – 2:00pm.

We’ve got ferries and/or a long trip. We can’t be there at 7:20. Can we still come?
Yes, please. Let us know you’ll be arriving late and keep us advised of any changes to your arrival time.

Not all of our students can attend, what can they do?
Most teams bring 5-10 students plus a few teachers and mentors. Students who cannot attend can take part by watching the webcast at home.

How much “cargo space” will we need?
The Kit of Parts will fit into a mid sized hatchback. If you assemble your robot you may want an SUV or minivan. The field elements that we assemble will be randomly distributed to teams who want them. We do not know how large they will be. Last year one fit nicely in a pickup truck.

What tools should we bring?
An Imperial wrench/socket set, screwdrivers, tape measure, hacksaw, file, pencil, notebook, wire strippers and cutters and a cordless drill with drill and screw bits will be helpful. Please bring EYE PROTECTION for all team members who will be working on the robot. If you’re missing one or two key tools, another team will likely be able to help you out.

What should we wear?
Dress is “FRC Formal”. In other words, your team uniform is great! Mascots are welcome to wear their costume! Don’t have a uniform yet? Then come prepared to work on wood and metal structures. Close toed shoes and comfortable, sturdy clothes are fine. Eye protection will be useful if working on the robot or field structures. Ear buds and headphones are discouraged at this event.