British Columbia will be running a remote FIRST Tech Challenge event for League One. It looks a bit different from a live event with teams competing on their own and then submitting their scores electronically. It wraps up with a Live Stream on Nov. 29 where will share Team Stories, videos of robots and league rankings.

Teams can use this webpage to find the links they need to all the virtual events that are part of our remote League One. For more information on preparing for League One, please watch the Remote League Workshop or the Driver’s Meeting .

League One Live Stream
Watch the Team Showcase to see how other teams have been doing this season, find out about their ideas for their robot, and find out the team rankings.

Rankings from League One

116205Lightning Bots4798720010766
416448A.I.M bot Robotics2801001806066
518840Reynolds Roborunners2701051656066
63491FIX IT17287856166
716353Reynolds Reybots170120503066
818191St. Pat’s Incline Robotics11060503566
918502St. Pat’s Marlo’s Machinery8525602566
1018589St. Pat’s Celtic Silverfish7535403066
1116267Forces Unknown6630201766
1216195The Guild of Builders423001166
1417453Dudley’s Troopers000022
1515479KP Timberwolves

Please see Game Manual Part 1 for a detailed description of how ranking and tie breaker points are calculated this season.