FIRST Tech Challenge 2022-23 Season

The Power is in your hands in POWERPLAY.

In POWERPLAY presented by Raytheon Technologies, FIRST Tech Challenge teams will compete in an energy-driven game and test the limits of performance, efficiency, and endurance as they power their innovations forward.

FIRST Tech Challenge Season in British Columbia

In British Columbia, we’re planning for a season with scrimmages and our Provincial Championship in February 2023. Due to the number of registered FTC teams we now expect there to be some qualifying tournaments held in January 2023.

Powerplay Field
Powerplay Field

Kick-off – September 10, 2022, BCIT, Burnaby Vancouver
Teams can choose from watching the online event hosted by FIRST, or attending an in-person event in Vancouver at BCIT.

Coaches/Mentor Meetings

Open Field Victoria – September 25, 2022   1-4pm University of Victoria



A scrimmage is an unofficial FIRST Tech Challenge event where Teams help each other improve their Robots,
play Robot Matches and socialize. The following events are supported by FIRST BC and will include robot inspections and a match schedule similar to how a qualifying tournament might look (but without judging). Match results are found in the FIRST FTC Event web site, but the match results do not contribute to qualifying or championship.

Note: Teams can also hold their own unofficial scrimmages or host an open field where other teams can come and try out their robot on an actual field and maybe play a game or two.

Qualifying Tournaments

Qualifying Tournaments include Qualification Matches, Elimination Matches, judging sessions and awards. Teams that do well in judged awards and/or in the robot game will advance to the Championship tournament.

Qualifying tournaments Event results page.

BC FIRST Tech Challenge Championship

February 25/26 2023.
Location: L.A. Matheson, Surrey.
Event details.

Event Results – match results and team awards.

FTC team photo showcase – Team photos from the POWERPLAY season.

Live stream recordings: Day 1 practice matches and Day 2 qualification matches and awards.

POWERPLAY FIRST Championship Sizzle Reel