Due to all the COVID restrictions there is a big drop in tournament registrations this season. Therefore

  1. BC Qualifier 1 will be cancelled.
  2. BC Qualifiers 2 and 3 will no longer be qualifiers but just tournaments, called “BC February” and “BC March”. Teams can win awards at these events, but they are not used for qualifications.
  3. The championship (held remotely) will be open to all teams registered in BC. Any team that participates in BC February or BC March will be automatically entered for the championship. The championship will have a team capacity of about 25.
  4. FIRST Ontario is planning an invitational tournament (held remotely) in June. The top teams from our championship will likely be offered a spot.
  5. We are adding an extra event – a “Fun&Silly” tournament (held remotely) in early June, open to all teams registered in BC. This tournament will include challenges that all teams can attempt, even those who start up just a month or two earlier.  
  6. The flat fee for all tournaments is still $150 but we will be able to offer grants to all participating teams. This will effectively reduce the fees to about $30 per attended tournament.
  7. You can still register for BC February and BC March – registration is being extended until February 12 (this coming Friday). The updated registration form can be found here: https://forms.gle/j8xzLB4i8PEA4xCw9
  8. A registration form for the championship and the “Fun&Silly” will be upcoming.