BC FIRST LEGO League Challenge Championship

The BC and Yukon FIRST LEGO League Challenge Championships was held on Saturday March 9 2024 at Meadowridge School in Maple Ridge. 36 teams competed in a fun tournament with lots of interesting robots and lots of great innovation projects.

Photos from the event are in this Google Drive folder.

The YouTube live stream of this event can be found on the FIRST Robotics BC YouTube channel.

Team Captain Ducks at the competition table

Coach/Mentor Award

Coaches and mentors inspire their teams to do their best, both as individuals and together, and without them, there would be no FIRST
LEGO League. This award goes to the coach or mentor whose leadership and guidance is clearly evident and best exemplifies the
FIRST Core Values.

Mr. Standford
Team Fiasco DRK-1

Coach/Mentor Award – Brendan Stanford, Team Fiasco DRK-1

Core Values Award

This award celebrates a team that displays extraordinary enthusiasm and spirit, knows they can accomplish more together than they could as individuals, and shows each other and other teams respect at all times.

The Core Values Award 2nd Place goes to:
Team 57484

Core Values Award 2nd Place – Team 57484 WASPS

The Core Values Award 1st Place goes to:
Team 61209
Fireweed Robotics

Core Values Award 1st Place – Team 61209 Fireweed Robotics

Innovation Project Award

This team utilized diverse resources for their Project to help them gain a comprehensive understanding of the problem they identified, developed a creative, well researched solution and effectively communicated their findings to judges and the community.

The Innovation Project Award 2nd Place goes to:
Team 63348

Innovation Project Award 2nd Place – Team 63348 Mischief

The Innovation Project Award 1st Place goes to:
Team 60443
Captain Ducks

Innovation Project Award 1st Place – Team 60443 Captain Ducks

Robot Design Award

This team used outstanding programming principles and solid engineering practices to develop a robot that is mechanically sound, durable, efficient and highly capable of performing Challenge missions.

The Robot Design Award 2nd Place goes to:
Team Team 60203
The Unknown Code

Robot Design Award 2nd Place – Team 60203 The Unknown Code

The Robot Design Award 1st Place goes to:
Team 48288

Robot Design Award 1st Place – Team 48288 MDR KFC

Robot Performance Award

This award celebrates a team that scores the most points during the Robot Game. Teams have a chance to compete in at least three 2.5-minute matches and their highest score counts.

The Robot Performance Award 2nd Place goes to:
Team 46081
with a high score of 425.

Robot Performance 2nd Place – Team 46081 FIFA

The Robot Performance Award 1st Place goes to:
Team: 50936 Teamsters
High Score: 480

Robot Performance Award 1st Place – Team 50936 Teamsters

Breakthrough Award

This award celebrates a team that made significant progress in their confidence and capability in both the Robot Game and Innovation Project and are a shining example of excellent Core Values. They demonstrate that they understand that what they discover is more important than what they win.

Team 52107

Breakthrough Award – Team 52107 HMS-3

Engineering Excellence Award

This award celebrates a team with an efficiently designed robot, an innovative Project solution that effectively addresses the season challenge, and Core Values evident in all they do. Two teams won this award.

Team 28718
MDR Failure Management

Engineering Excellence Award – Team 28718 MDR Failure Management

The Engineering Excellence Award also goes to:
Team 60444
Slipper Guys

Engineering Excellence Award – Team 60444 Slipper Guys

Rising All-Star Award

This award celebrates a team that the judges notice and expect great things from in the future.

Team 58258

Rising All-Star Award – Team 58258 MDR MnM

Motivate Award

This award celebrates a team that embraces the culture of FIRST LEGO League through team building, team spirit, and displayed enthusiasm.

Team 56754

Motivate Award – Team 56754 MMMMM…Marshmallows

Champion’s Award

This most prestigious award celebrates the team that embodies the FIRST LEGO League experience by fully embracing the FIRST Core Values while achieving excellence and innovation in both the Robot Game and the Innovation Project.

The Champion’s Award 3rd Place goes to:
Team 63350

Champion’s Award 3rd Place – Team 63350 Doges

The Champion’s Award 2nd Place goes to:
Team 46081

Champion’s Award 2nd Place – Team 46081 FIFA

The Champion’s Award 1st place goes to:
Team 50936

Champion’s Award 1st Place – Team 50936 Teamsters

Advancing Teams

The three Champion’s Award – winning teams have accepted their invitations to international events:

Team #Team NameEventPlaceDates
50936 Teamsters FIRST LEGO League World FestivalHouston, TXApril 17-20, 2024
46081FIFA Western Edge OpenLong Beach, CAMay 31-June 2, 2024
63350 Doges Florida Sunshine InvitationalDaytona Beach, FLJune 19-23, 2024

Robot Game Results

Robot game results can be found on page 2 of the Championship results PDF.