FIRST Robotics BC Society AGM

The annual general meeting for the FIRST Robotics British Columbia society will be held on Thursday September 21st at 7pm (Pacific Time).  A virtual meeting invite will be sent to members of the society.

Members of the society will receive an email with information for making nominations for board positions and making proposals to be considered at the AGM.

Organizer: Ian Koscielski

New Members!
If you want to become a member of FIRST Robotics British Columbia and meet the requirements for membership laid out below, please fill out this form.

To join the society, you must be at least 19 years of age and one of the following:

  • Be a mentor/coach with a FIRST team;
  • Be a volunteer for a FIRST BC event or activity; or
  • Represent an organization that sponsors one or more of our programs.

Most of our members already volunteer for FIRST and aren’t expected to take on additional volunteer roles when they join the Society.