BAE Systems Grants for FIRST Teams

Check out this grant funding opportunity for all FIRST teams (FLL, FTC, FRC) courtesy of BAE Systems which is open until September 22 2023.


  • FTC teams are restricted to using the funds for registration and product fees this season, so apply ASAP so the funds are available for you to register.
  • All teams are eligible to apply for funding, BAE Systems may prioritize applications meeting at least one of the below criteria:
    • Teams located within 75 miles of a BAE Systems site (see application for a list of our locations)
    • Teams with BAE Systems mentors; if you are interested in having a BAE Systems mentor, please tell us in your application so we can do our best to match you.
    • Teams with an existing relationship with BAE Systems
    • Teams demonstrating diversity in STEM (see application form for details).