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FIRST Global Team Canada 2022

Meet Team Canada FIRST Global 2022

Meet Team Canada 2022! Lourdes Golland, Allen Zhou, Emmanuelle Hylton,  Kieran Paranjpe, and Avneet Batra.

This amazing group of young people all come from the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia.   Together they have 18 years of collective FIRST robotics experience, are a diverse coalition of many cultures and teams, and can effectively and enthusiastically spread what it means to be a Canadian in robotics to the world. “We hope that our knowledge gained from helping other teams locally can be translated to helping teams globally.”

FIRST Global is an Olympics-style robotics competition with teams representing 200 countries from around the world. 

Over the next five months, Team Canada will design, build and program their robot to compete in a game themed around one of the greatest challenges facing our planet.  They will work with teams from around the world to foster understanding and cooperation among the youth to solve the world’s problems.

Good Luck Team Canada!