FLL Jr Highlights from Victoria and Surrey Expos

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Here are some highlights from FLL Jr. Expos held recently in Victoria and Surrey.

The FLL Jr. Expo in Victoria was held in conjunction with the FLL scrimmage on November 24, 2018.

This was a small expo with just two teams – but because it was held in conjunction with an FLL scrimmage, the teams and their work got lots of exposure.

Victoria Expo 1

Victoria Expo 2

The FLL Jr. Expo in Surrey was held at North Surrey Secondary School on December 2, 2018

12 teams participated in this expo, and the gym was full! There were lots of interesting models, beautiful and informative posters, and many happy and active kids.

Surrey Expo 1

Surrey Expo 2

Surrey Expo 3

Surrey Expo 4

Surrey Expo 5

Surrey Expo 6

Here is the organizer, cleaning up.
Surrey Expo 7

FLLJr. “Little Prodigies” team from Richmond BC had also presented their work on Mission Moon at the central Richmond Public Library on October 6th. They showcased their solution to mining ice on the dark side of the Moon and processing it at a special plant. They showed great team spirit and were able to show other children about FLL Jr. and answer questions about their project.

Here they are at the library.
FFLLJr. "Little Prodigies" team