BC Teachers Super Conference

Twenty-five British Columbia Teachers Associations joined together to host a Super Conference on Oct. 19 – 20. It was a great opportunity to talk with many of the 6,000 teachers at the conference and let them know about all four FIRST programs.

BC teacher's convention

Thanks to FIRST Tech Challenge Teams (3491 FIX IT and 12281 Elgin Robotics) and FIRST LEGO League teams (Spirit Wolves, Team PARD, Gifted Ones and Forces of Atlantis) who all brought robots and talked with teachers about being on a FIRST team. The teachers liked getting to actually see each of the programs and talk with students about their experiences with FIRST.

The FIRST LEGO League teams brought in their current robots and worked on missions. Teachers could talk with the students, watch how they tested and retested a mission, find out about the project and see how the students programmed the robot.

The FIRST Tech Challenge teams had small robots on a partial playing field. The teachers had a chance to drive the robot, try part of game challenge, look at the Engineering Notebooks and ask lots of questions about the technology.

There was a FIRST Robotics Competition robot on display as well as a FIRST LEGO League Jr kit which drew lots of interest from the Elementary Teachers.

It was a great opportunity to promote all four FIRST programs to teachers in British Columbia.