FTC Team Resources

There’s lots of information and help available for FIRST Tech Challenge teams, everything from FTC event results to Preparing for Competitions.

Results from British Columbia FTC events
Hatfield League One (Victoria – Nov. 17, 2018)

Upcoming FIRST events in BC

Team Resources
Managing a FTC Team ( including how to start a team)
FTC Game Manuals and Resources
Game Q&As
Preparing for Competition (including Robot Inspection Check Lists)
Engineering Notebook Guidelines

Programming FTC Robots
Robot Programming Resources
Blocks Programming
Java Programming
Rover Ruckus Blocks Autonomous Programs

Building FTC Robots
Robot Building Resources
Legal and Illegal parts      (Illegal Parts starts on page 19)

International Competitions
Maryland Tech Invitational–   June 28-29, 2019,  Laurel, Maryland
MTI is the largest, international, FTC off-season tournament in the world!  Winning teams receive grants to go towards their continuation in the FTC program.

Let us know if there are more resources you’d like added to this page, or you can contact us if you have any questions.